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Welcome to SilentEternity 3.0 - Yurlyn - 08-09-2014 07:49 PM

Hello members and visitors,

Welcome to SilentEternity 3.0. As you may have figured out by now SilentEternity 2.0 is gone but a backup is being made as we speak. As of now there is not a lot to do as this is a completely clean forum and a lot of things are not in place yet so consider this an alpha version. But it will turn into something worthy of the name SilentEternity and with that this text will look better since the forum's theme will be darker than it is now.
Other than my own personal choice of text color there will be good news for the SE veterans among us. Once the remnants of SE2.0 is in my hands I will try to merge parts into SE3.0 so you'll get your stuff back in case you want it. Until then feel free to make your new account on this forum. I will see if I can merge your SE2.0 account with your new one when I get my hands on it.

Since this iteration of SilentEternity is completely bare and I will overlook things SE2.0 had feel free to leave a reply with your requests, ideas, feedback, etc. and I will look into them and see if I can add them or whatever.

As for now, have fun but stay civilized (albeit SE style Wink), the rules of the forum will soon be filled. There will also be a progress list soon but it's in progress of being created Tongue

Grtz. Yurlyn

RE: Welcome to SilentEternity 3.0 - INTY - 15-10-2014 06:06 AM

God bless you, Yurlyn! Good of you to put this together ^^

RE: Welcome to SilentEternity 3.0 - Tyle - 15-10-2014 06:11 AM

*duct tapes INTY on wall*

You are never leaving this place.

RE: Welcome to SilentEternity 3.0 - INTY - 15-10-2014 07:14 AM

Keep me entertained and I'll stay =D! Shouldn't be hard for you people ^^